HLF Board of Directors
Pictured front row from left: 2019 Board of Directors: Cindy Chesbro, Nancy Frost, Judy Anderson; Middle Row: Hannah Eisloeffel, JoAnn Bauer, Elizabeth Murguia, Susan O'Connor, Robert Taborski; Back Row: Theresa Malloy, Jeff Todoroff, Alison Talbot, Jack Irvine, Peter LaVallee. 2019 HLF Directors not pictured: Ciara Emery, Kathy Murphy, Kelly Sanders

Board of Directors

2020 Board of Directors

  • Elizabeth Murguia, President
  • Judy Anderson, Vice-President
  • Peter LaVallee, Secretary
  • Susan O’Connor, Treasurer
  • Rob Amerman
  • JoAnn Bauer
  • Cindy Chesbro
  • Hannah Eisloeffel
  • Ciara Emery
  • Mary Gelinas, Ed.D.
  • Jack Irvine
  • Kathy Murphy
  • Robert Taborski
  • Alison Talbott
  • R. Jeffery Todoroff
  • Directors Emeritus

  • Marge Custis
  • Bonnie Neely
  • Sally Upatisringa
  • Janie Walsh
  • Mid Westfall

  • Ex-Officio

  • Nick Wilczek, County Librarian
  • James Cech, President, Friends of the Redwood Libraries