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People of all ages and interests use, enjoy and rely on the public library. In every branch, there are public internet workstations, reference materials, videos, music CDs, and audio books. From your home computer, you can access the card catalog and reserve your book, check download E-books, and much more. The materials are accessible and there are reference librarians to answer your questions. The public library is the gateway to explore the world, spark the imagination, launch young minds or simply answer a question. The county¡¯s ten branch libraries and bookmobile represent an enormous asset to our community.

You can help ensure our library will continue to inspire and meet the needs of the future by supporting the Humboldt Library Foundation.

Explore our website ¨C there¡¯s information on upcoming events, our newsletter, and how you can contribute to make our library and our community a better place to live.

Our Mission

To raise funds to enhance the programs, services, and continuing development of Humboldt County's public libraries. With your support we can help
  • Improve the quality of library services
  • Expand the use of technology
  • Sponsor cultural and educational offerings
  • Accept the Challenge!

    Michele McKeegan and Ed Olsgard will donate $250 for every supporter who makes a Planned Gift and joins the HLF Legacy Circle during 2014. More info

    Upcoming Events

    Holiday Gala

    Holiday Gala at the historic Carson Mansion
    Monday, Dec. 8, 2014
    143 M St., Eureka
    Info/Contact: 269-1991 or hlf@humboldt1.com
  • More info
  • Preview Auction Items
  • www.google.com

    Black Friday & Cyber Monday www.google.com
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