Since 2009, the Humboldt Library Foundation has teamed up with local artists to print a series of bookmarks. The bookmarks are distributed to our donors, in our newsletters and at all branch libraries.

Each series has highlighted a specific way to support the Library

  • Celebrate National Library Month
  • Join the Library Foundation On-Line Donate Now
  • Give a Gift of a Book to Honor a Friend or Remember Someone Special
  • Celebrate the Holidays Give A Book
  • Penny Post Cards of Humboldt County Buy A Book
  • Helen Everett Award Honoring Bonnie Neely
  • Build the Young Adult Collection
  • Buy a Book and Check Out Our Website
  • Children’s Nonfiction

Many of the images are from the Lost Coast Daily Painters.

HLF Booksmarks 7

HLF Booksmarks 6

HLF Booksmarks 5

HLF Booksmarks 4

HLF Booksmarks 3
HLF Booksmarks 2
HLF Bookmarks 1