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The Humboldt County Library is a vital community institution providing library service to all residents through a main library in Eureka, ten branches, and a bookmobile.

The public library has served Humboldt County residents for over a century. It is an important cultural and educational resource in the county. In 1878, Eureka became the first city in California to support a free public library with public funds. Arcata followed soon after, and in 1910 Ferndale opened its new Carnegie library.

In 1915, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors established the County Free Library to serve county residents outside the cities of Eureka, Ferndale, and Arcata. Five branches were established: Blue Lake, Fortuna, Garberville, Trinidad, and Willow Creek. Additional branch libraries were opened at McKinleyville (1916), Rio Dell (1919), and Hoopa (1927). The older libraries in Arcata and Ferndale became affiliated with the county system and in 1972 Eureka’s public library and the Humboldt County Libraries were consolidated into one system.

Today, the Humboldt County Library, in cooperation with local jurisdictions, serves all County residents through a networked structure of ten branches, a bookmobile serving 14 communities, and a central library facility.

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